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 The CotHouse Inn  was originally built in 1563 as a residence for ferryman who worked on  the river Eachaig ferrying travellers to and from Oban, Inveraray and Dunoon . The inn was named after a  Ferry,    "the COITTE" that was used originally by Mary Queen of Scots to cross the river Eachaig on her journey from Inveraray to Dunoon in 1563. This route across the Eachaig was considered the shortest . The Coite gave rise to a business opportunity to ferry  travellers (at a cost of half  a penny!)  across the river. 


Following the visit by   Queen Mary of Scots, the ferry route  grew more popular as more people used the service to cross the river Eachaig. The Cot House quickly became a busy hub where travellers stopped for food, rest.  and leisure. Apparently beer at Cot House Inn was the best and potent!

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Queen Mary of Scots 
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In 1853 a bridge was built to transport passengers across the river Eachaig and this was replaced by a state of the art bridge in 1884. The Cott House became busier than ever as more travellers used this route from Dunnoon to Oban. 

Ever since the Cot House Inn has served as a stop over hub for locals and travellers .  The re-emergence of Dunoon as a haven for leisure travellers in Scotland is testament to the beauty of the resort and confirms the simple truth that quality Scottish destinations will never fade away.


The Cot House hotel symbolises this re-emergence perfectly as it maintains the traditional grace that Dunoon has long been associated with whilst bringing a modern efficiency to a resort which has quickly adapted to the changes that the 21st century has brought with it.

The Cothouse Inn, Dunoon Hotel accomodation
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